The Cen-Tex Grasshoppers are a group of senior golfers that was chartered under the auspices of Golf Card International in 1979.  The Grasshoppers require that you be a member of Golf Card International.  We enjoy the game of golf and the fellowship of other golfers.  We play eight two-day tournaments each year in the general geographic areas between the piney woods of East Texas and the Hill country of Central Texas. The night before a tournament, we meet for a “Tailgate Party” where we are informed which members will be on what teams and the format for the tournament.

We use many of the USGA rules, but with leniencies. We have a few members with low handicaps, but just as many with high handicaps.  All are welcome whatever your handicap, as long as you remember that we are here to have fun. 

Grasshoppers are generally considered senior citizens (but we don’t feel old). A few of our members are in their eighties and nineties, but don’t let that bother you, as one of them had a hole in one recently!

There is a limit to our membership and while we are at the max right now, please contact the Directors to have your name put on the waiting list or if you would like more information. 

Paul & Annabel Sparkman


Paul & Ann Sparkman

Directors 2013-14


We had 100 Grasshoppers at the Lady Bird Golf Course in Fredericksburg, Texas.  There were some strong thunderstorms roaming around the hill country Tuesday night, but we managed to get in two rounds of golf on time and without using an umbrella. 

And if you weren’t at Fredericksburg, you missed the Grasshopper RV Gang’s annual fish fry, with Master Fish Fryer Holley Ware leading the way.  Great chow and great company!

Next up...the Delaware Springs Golf Course in Burnet on 9 and 10 September.  Jim and Janice Boyle will be planning and conducting this tournament as on-the-job training for next year’s duties as Directors.  See you there!

Paul & Annabel



Jim & Janice Boyle

Directors 2015-16

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